Meet Our Partners

Channel® brand is joining forces with Gold Country Seed® and 9 other Bayer seed brands to launch the new, enhanced Channel® brand. You’ll still get the same excellent products and service you’ve come to expect from us. 

A comprehensive approach to soil fertility management focusing on cost per bushel produced. Conklin uses resources in the most efficient manner through clean and effective products.

An operator friendly data collection and management tool for today’s progressive producer.

Cover crops, small grains, lawn seeds, Native, DOT and CRP mixes, alfalfa, and corn seed. Also offering twine, net wrap and silage bags.

An extensive line of research backed alfalfa products to serve your farm!

Bringing products to market that increase nutrient use efficiency, build strong healthy plants fast and optimize In-Season Genetic potential while minimizing waste and bring real productivity gains!

Outback Guidance is a leading agricultural autosteer guidance system manufacturer. Outback’s products focus on tractor guidance, mapping and precision spraying for ground agriculture and have a solid reputation within the industry, built on award winning technology and dedication to customer service.